We’ve heard from hundreds of boaters that we all want to help the communities they hold so dear to their hearts rebuild. This cruising season, Sailors Helping will be organizing efforts to activate the cruising community to help rebuild.

Our goal is simple. Work with the resorts and marinas to understand the needs of their employees; source and deliver the materials needed to get them back on their feet; and provide opportunities to pick up a shovel, a hammer, or a trowel and help our friends that need it most build their homes back up one brick at a time. We’ll provide information on fuel, water, safety and provisioning supplies so cruisers can get there safely and on to their next location without worry. Think a massive flotilla meets habitat for humanity!

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the biggest Atlantic storm in a decade.

450,000 affected so far

In the days immediately following Hurricane Irma, Sailors Helping organized volunteers to personally pick up supplies and send them to nearby islands via boats and planes. As more large scale humanitarian aid has begun to come in, we are shifting our efforts to the long-term rebuilding efforts focused on the people and communities who make our sailing experience so special.

This cruising season, we will be organizing volunteer efforts to help boaters rebuild the communities that have made our experiences on these islands so special.

Coordination is crucial.
We're here to help.

This site has been set up by sailors who live in Puerto Rico, but our community is global. What unites us is a shared goal of doing what we can to help rebuild.

If you would like to donate to a fund dedicated to a specific island, or a relief effort unrelated to what we’re doing above, here is a list of organizations that we have vetted and support: